So here’s where it all begins: the moment you click on our homepage, you’ll discover all that Adlibitum has to offer. Our passion for web and graphic design, along with our dedication towards frequent collaboration throughout the project, guarantees that your new home on the web will soar above the rest!


It’s important for us to know who we’re working for: your goals and ideas, what your industry’s like, where you envision the future taking you. Asking plenty of questions will allow us to gain detailed information about what you’re after in this project.


When working with Adlibitum, the planning phase isn’t just about us. We employ what we’ve learned from our collaboration with you as the key element in generating our sketchpad of ideas.


Now we take everything we’ve gathered so far to brainstorm techniques for creating the final product. We then sift through all the possibilities to find the best solution for your project. And finally, with a vision in mind, we go after it. In this phase, your dreams become reality!


And we’re off! After we allow experienced users to test and review your project with high quality in mind, it’s time for your project to take flight on the web.


Just because we completed your project doesn’t mean we’re off the hook! After your project has been established, we monitor its growth and look for ways to enhance it even further. This is also an opportunity for us to check in with you for updates on any changes that need to be made.